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What Can Be Detected By Water Sensors?

Most homes have some form of security implemented on the property. Locks, peepholes, alarm systems, and real-time video monitoring are a few examples of the security measures that Colorado homeowners take to ensure their protection and safety. However, a lot of people don’t realize how much danger is possible right in our homes. When it comes to getting full coverage, complete protection in your home, you need more than a quick reacting alarm system for break-ins.

The Water Sensor’s Role In Your Home

Denver security systems are evolving! The technology used for the basic alarm systems is outdated, and with the old comes newer, better ways to improve the security of your home. One of these improvements? Protection from outside elements, like water.

A water sensor is designed to measure the water levels in your home where water shouldn’t be. This can include, but isn’t always limited to:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Broken, burst, or damaged pipes
  • Excess water
  • Flooding
  • Broken water heaters
  • Excess moisture

These sensors can detect problematic watery instances, and will communicate with the appropriate companies for a response to protect you. Your monitoring station will be notified whenever unusual water levels are detected, especially around areas where danger is high, such as the water heater’s location.

The benefits of this addition being implemented into your home security system are major financial savings, which come from problems being detected early while they are still easy to fix, and by protecting your home and belongings from being damaged.

How Does It Work?

The most common design for water level sensors utilize electricity. A transmitter will communicate between cables, sending messages related to the dry or wetness of the specific area. Designed communications will be sent to determine the regularity of the water levels, and if it exceeds what is considered acceptable, it will send an automatic alert to the monitoring office.

Next, you’ll be contacted and asked to investigate the area where the water levels triggered a response. From there, you can assess the risk, and react accordingly to take the next steps to fixing or replacing the pipe causing the problem.

Dangers Of Water Leaks

Not only can excess water bring damages to your structure and belongings, but it can do more harm to your home beyond that. Moisture in the home can lead to mold outbreaks, which are tough and expensive to handle, and hard to get rid of entirely. Mold has lots of negative health benefits, and will damage your home and lower it’s value.

Broken pipes, water heaters, and other essential functions of your home with leaks or cracks can quickly grow into worse problems, and potentially injure you or a family member. Flooding and hidden standing water are also invitations for accidents and damages to happen, costing you thousands of dollars to remedy the situation.

The easiest way to avoid any of these instances occurring in your home is to add a water sensor to your home security unit. You can help protect yourself and your home from environmental factors in addition to the risk potential related to break-ins and robberies.

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