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What Modern Fire Alarms Are Capable Of

The days of basic fire alarms are a thing of the past, but not everyone has been caught up to speed with the capabilities of a modern fire alarm. It’s so much more than just an incessant beeping, and different companies and models are always coming out with new features to further improve the fire alarm’s ability to save lives.

Progressive Features Of a Modern Fire Alarm

When it comes to fire alarm services, Denver doesn’t play around. Though specific features can vary, here are 5 of the most innovative, helpful additional qualities that fire alarms have now that bring their use above and beyond the out-dated basic smoke detector.

Alerts The Authorities

Many alarms now have a direct link to emergency services, so even if you’re not home or in the building, help can be on the way before a call even has to be made. The various sensors and levels of reading the emergency can help direct the fire-fighters and the police to come and assess, and hopefully prevent, an escalating situation.

Automatic Syncing Abilities

For large homes or commercial buildings, it’s pretty common to have more than just one fire alarm to monitor different parts of the building. From the basement to the attic, or from one wing to another, you need to ensure that the threat of a fire is being monitored. Well, new fire alarm systems have the ability to sync up with all other systems in the proximity of the building, so if a fire starts in the East, you’ll be hearing about it no matter where in the building you are.

Smart Alarms

Being able to link up with your phone and communicate with you is a great feature that many modern alarms have. Sometimes they can be synced with your security systems or other detection devices, and some may even have verbal warnings or commands in the case of a smoke or heat sensor being triggered. Most of these kinds are for more commercial needs for large areas, but smart alarms with apps and home connection abilities are definitely popular!

Additional Detection Capabilities

From heat sensing to carbon monoxide detection, a fire alarm is now equipped to warn you of a lot more than just rising smoke. In many fires, the damaging heat begins before the smoke has a chance to thicken enough to trip the alarm, so a heat sensor is really helpful in getting the word out quickly enough to prevent the fire from spreading.

Triggers Water Suppression Systems

In commercial buildings with a sprinkler system built into the frame of the structure for putting out fires, hardwiring the modern fire alarm into that system can help the two become compatible. The alarm and the sprinklers will communicate, allowing the fire alarm to alert the emergency sprinkler system whenever the threat becomes real. This, coupled with the automatic alert message to the police, helps contain, control, and prevent fires from being as devastating as their potential.