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Security Systems vs Burglar Alarms

When you think about the security measures you take for your home, what first comes to mind? For many, we picture an alarm to alert us of intruders and send out a signal for help. While this is a very important aspect of home security, the threat really goes much deeper. Security technology has advanced in such a way that security as a general industry has become massive, offering several options and possibilities to those hoping to get improved home protection.

A Denver burglar alarm will help protect you in the event of a break-in, but it’s not quite as efficient as a security system. If you thought these were both the same thing, don’t worry! You’re not alone, but you are mistaken. A security system is much more advanced than a burglar alarm, and it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of your options before making a final decision on your method of home security.

What A Security System Offers

Ultimately, a security system for your home offers more protection and peace of mind when it comes to your safety, and that of your family. Going through a security company will help you get the best devices, an optimal layout, and the perfect amount of additional monitors and sensors to get a full-coverage security system in place. This will protect both against outside predators, and the silent threats within your own house. Let’s look into what all a security system can include.

Professional Evaluation

In most cases, if you go through a security company, they will send an expert out to evaluate your home and give recommendations on the best devices and services to get. They’ll discuss with you the biggest risks, and how to avoid them, as well as talk you through the process.

Wireless & Advanced Security Technology

Security systems are much more than just an alarm that goes off when a door is opened and triggers the sensor. Your devices will be optimized with cutting edge technology designed to be quicker, more reliable, and have more uses.

Cellular Monitoring

If you want to have the best security possible, you need cellular monitoring. This means the signals sent by your security system go through cell phone data, like with cell towers, instead of the traditional route. It’s far more reliable and extremely fast.

Video Surveillance

Unless you want to pay a lot of money, finding a DIY home video surveillance kit that is comprehensive is tough. Video monitoring and recording is a priority for many homes and businesses, so you want a complete security system that can support this level of observation and recording.

Environmental Sensors

From temperate to water levels to carbon monoxide detectors, you need more than just a burglar alarm in your home. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to identity problems and solve them easily. In some cases, like with carbon monoxide poisoning, the results could be fatal.

The best part of a security system vs a burglar alarm? It’s all wired and hooked up together as a unit, which makes monitoring easier on you.