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What Modern Fire Alarms Are Capable Of

The days of basic fire alarms are a thing of the past, but not everyone has been caught up to speed with the capabilities of a modern fire alarm. It’s so much more than just an incessant beeping, and different companies and models are always coming out with new features to further improve the fire alarm’s ability to save lives.

Progressive Features Of a Modern Fire Alarm

When it comes to fire alarm services, Denver doesn’t play around. Though specific features can vary, here are 5 of the most innovative, helpful additional qualities that fire alarms have now that bring their use above and beyond the out-dated basic smoke detector.

Alerts The Authorities

Many alarms now have a direct link to emergency services, so even if you’re not home or in the building, help can be on the way before a call even has to be made. The various sensors and levels of reading the emergency can help direct the fire-fighters and the police to come and assess, and hopefully prevent, an escalating situation.

Automatic Syncing Abilities

For large homes or commercial buildings, it’s pretty common to have more than just one fire alarm to monitor different parts of the building. From the basement to the attic, or from one wing to another, you need to ensure that the threat of a fire is being monitored. Well, new fire alarm systems have the ability to sync up with all other systems in the proximity of the building, so if a fire starts in the East, you’ll be hearing about it no matter where in the building you are.

Smart Alarms

Being able to link up with your phone and communicate with you is a great feature that many modern alarms have. Sometimes they can be synced with your security systems or other detection devices, and some may even have verbal warnings or commands in the case of a smoke or heat sensor being triggered. Most of these kinds are for more commercial needs for large areas, but smart alarms with apps and home connection abilities are definitely popular!

Additional Detection Capabilities

From heat sensing to carbon monoxide detection, a fire alarm is now equipped to warn you of a lot more than just rising smoke. In many fires, the damaging heat begins before the smoke has a chance to thicken enough to trip the alarm, so a heat sensor is really helpful in getting the word out quickly enough to prevent the fire from spreading.

Triggers Water Suppression Systems

In commercial buildings with a sprinkler system built into the frame of the structure for putting out fires, hardwiring the modern fire alarm into that system can help the two become compatible. The alarm and the sprinklers will communicate, allowing the fire alarm to alert the emergency sprinkler system whenever the threat becomes real. This, coupled with the automatic alert message to the police, helps contain, control, and prevent fires from being as devastating as their potential.

The Benefits of a Home Camera System

Though security systems are no new trend, the place where video monitoring has evolved is pretty incredible! Protecting your home no longer means just throwing in a couple of motion sensors and an alarm. Instead, the systems nowadays are so much more intricate and detailed, and a home camera system can bring a lot of benefits to your life and the protection of it.

The 4 Top Benefits of Home Camera Security Systems

The U.S. Department of Justice says that there are about 1.03 million home invasions a year. Within that, the average loss is about $2,000 per home targeted, and many times, the perpetrator gets away. With insurance, you may not take too much of a financial hit, but knowing that the invader is out there can weigh on your conscious in a bothersome way.

Security cameras in Denver when installed with home security systems help not only keep you and your belongings and family safe and protected, but it also helps the authorities to catch whoever committed the break-in. If everyone had a home camera system, there would be far less thieves running around on the loose.

There are more reasons to get a system installed than just that, though! Here are the top 4 reasons home security systems with video surveillance are so popular.

1. Real-time surveillance

At any given time, you can check in on what’s going on in your home. These modern systems have apps, computer access, and other ways to check in routinely and get a glimpse at how your house fares when all occupants are out and about. This may also be helpful for keeping an eye on maintenance workers, installation companies, babysitters, or even your kids.

2. Recorded footage

Most systems will give you the option to save your recorded history, or may do it automatically for a specific time frame. You can also go back, rewind, and fast forward through footage of the day. These are all really helpful features, especially in the case of a home invasion, because you have genuine video evidence to prove not alone the perpetrator, but what was stolen or damaged.

3. Multiple options

You have some variety when it comes to the setup process with your home cameras. Most systems come with sensors on each window, too, and you can choose your amount of cameras, the location, and different settings for them. With the account set up, you can approve users on the app, so more than just you can be tasked with keeping an eye on the video monitoring going on at home. There are a lot of choices to be made, and systems range from pretty small and basic to all out, intricate, maximum security designs.

4. Customer support

Having access to a helpful staff who can talk you through problems, IT questions, and support issues is always a great selling point for any sort of technical device. Most companies have a very active, dedicated customer support team, and they are available 24/7 with any company worth considering for your home security needs.

How You Can Custom Design Your Security System to Meet Your Unique Needs

When it comes to home security, everyone’s needs are a little different. There’s really no one size fits all solution when it comes to keeping your home safe. That’s partially because every home is different, with a different layout, a different number of entrances, and different things inside that need to be protected. But more than that, it’s because every homeowner is different. What it takes to make you feel secure might be very different from what it takes to make somebody else feel secure. And if your home security system isn’t making you feel comforted about the safety of your home and your family, it’s only doing half its job.

With the help of a Colorado security company, homeowners can customize home security systems that provide everything they need. Here are just a few of the options you’ll have available to you.

Interactive Features

Maybe you often find yourself wanting to disarm your system and let people—permitted guests, contractors, or your own teenagers, for example—into your home while you’re out of the house. Or perhaps you’re prone to worry about having forgotten to lock your doors. Interactive home monitoring allows you to control these aspects of your home from your smartphone.

Worried about your home while on vacation? Interactive home security also includes video monitoring, so that you can see your house for yourself and be assured that everything is fine on the home front.

Custom Zones

Do you have areas of your house, like guest cottages or sheds, that are separate from the main house? If so, you might want to consider arming them with alarms as well to protect against intruders. But you can’t be running back to the house every time you open the garage in order to disarm the system. Custom home security systems can provide secondary alarms in specific areas as part of your overall package.

This service might also be useful if you have a room or closet where highly valuable documents or items are stored and you want to place an extra layer of security around it.

Atmospheric Alarms

Intruders aren’t the only thing that can threaten your home. Stay alert to the conditions in which you’re living with carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and extreme temperature alarms, the latter of which are particularly useful if you’re living with small children or anyone else who may not be able to articulate an uncomfortable change in temperature.  Ask your Colorado security company what kind of atmospheric alarms are available, and see if they can make a recommendation as to what’s right for your home.

If you’re ready to look into your custom security options, contact us today.

What Video Surveillance Technology Can Do For You

If you’re looking for the best security system for your home, one piece of technology you won’t want to overlook is video surveillance. Installing cameras in and around your home can help you ensure that you and your family are protected in a number of ways. For the conscientious homeowner, no security system is complete without this vital addition.

If you’re working on selecting, installing, or enhancing your own home security system, you may be wondering what makes video surveillance such a vital addition. Read on to learn more about this technology and all the ways it can help protect your home.

Outdoor Monitoring

One of the problems with monitoring the area outside your home is that it can be hard to see what’s going on in the dark. Trespassers, burglars, and other home invaders use this to their advantage by waiting until nightfall to step onto your property. But security cameras, equipped with night vision capabilities and paired with motion sensitive lighting, can help. With this technology installed on your property, you’ll be able to spot an intruder even under cover of darkness. Doing so will give you the advantage you need to get to safety and alert the authorities.

Indoor Monitoring

Not all threats to your family come from outside intruders. If you live with children, elderly relatives, or pets, you may feel inclined to keep an eye on them while you’re in a different room of the house. Indoor video monitoring can help you do just that. Watch the kids in the play room while you’re down in the laundry room folding, or keep a watch on your pets from your home office and make sure they’re not trashing the place without disturbing your work. Whatever your family’s individual needs and circumstances, indoor video monitoring can help.

Monitoring While Away From Home

Heading out of town on a vacation? Nothing helps your peace of mind like being able to check up on things at home. When you connect your video monitoring system to your portable device, you can log in and make sure things are going all right from anywhere in the world.

Having video evidence of any kind of home invasion or attack will also come in handy when you report the incident to the authorities.

Learn more about video surveillance and other security measures when you contact Max Security today!

Why You Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide is a silent, sneaky killer that often is forgotten when you think about the safety and security of your own home. According to the CDC, around 500 people annually die from carbon monoxide poisoning, and thousands are treated in hospitals all over the country. If you ever needed a reason why you need a carbon monoxide detector, let that be some motivation for you!

Understanding the dangers, the risks, and the ways you could be exposed to this poisoning will help you make the best choice for your home.

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

There are many side effects and symptoms that come with a build-up of carbon monoxide in your home, but the scariest thing about it is that CO is odorless and colorless. You could be suffering and have no idea until it’s too late. That’s why a CO detector is extremely important, especially if you are at an elevated risk for poisoning.

A few of the dangers related to carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  • Vomiting & nausea
  • Dizziness & loss of consciousness
  • Shortness of breath & chest tightness
  • Confusion & blurred vision
  • Death

Any of these symptoms can lead to very serious health complications, and by the time you start to experience them, the poisoning has already begun. With a CO detector and security alarm system in place, you can be alerted to the danger before your body lets you know.

Everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector in their home, but this is especially true for families who are at an elevated risk for exposure. Carbon monoxide isn’t an uncommon gas, but it won’t usually be a problem unless you fall under the umbrella of frequent risk to exposure.

Carbon Monoxide Risk Factors

Determining if you are at a higher risk for CO exposure is important in deciding if you want to include a detector into your home. It’s recommended that all families invest in this still, even if don’t have the following appliances in your household:

  1. Gas Furnaces
  2. Gas stoves
  3. Gas line leaks
  4. Generators
  5. Space Heaters

All of these things have the potential to emit carbon monoxide into the air in large quantities if damaged. These are the 5 main causes of poisoning, but there are a few other things to be aware of as well. Homes with attached garages or anything that burns wood and other fuel types could be increasing your risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

A Colorado security company can talk over the risks and prevention options that are best for you and your family. Consider a CO detector as important to your safety as a fire alarm. These are required by law to be installed and maintained in every house, but carbon monoxide can be just as deadly.

Adding A CO Detector To Your Security System

Many Colorado security systems are inclusive of CO detectors, and will tie into the intricate alarm set-up. Like with a fire alarm, you can get your CO detector included in a Colorado security alarm system that can protect your home, your family, and the health of everyone.

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