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Wide Majority of Millennials Value Convenience More Than Safety – Security Sales and Integration

By SSI Staff · March 21, 2017


     A survey conducted at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017 by SureID identified 83% of millennials valuing convenience over safety. The survey, which was conducted over two days at the conference and festival, found 96% of millennials would verify their own identity online to ensure it was confirmed, protected against hackers and unused by anyone else. 

Findings show SXSW attendees surveyed, ages 18- to 37-years old, are interested in having the ability to determine whether their own digital identity is secure as well as the ability to verify the identity of those they interact with online and offline. Respondents included 43% males, 55% females and less than 2% who did not disclose gender. Key findings show:

  • Nearly 60% value time over money and safety
  • 96% are interested in having the ability to verify their own identity online, ensuring it was secure against hackers and unused by others
  • 70% feel more secure interacting with someone online if they could verify that individual’s identity
  • 79% are less likely to buy from someone, online or offline, who cannot prove they are who they say they are.


“Technology is enabling us to interact perhaps too comfortably with strangers for modern conveniences. These findings point out the growing demand for people in the gig economy to prove they are who they say they are, to create a higher level of trust,” says Justin Oberman.