6 reasons burglars hit the same home twice (or more)

According to “Criminology” by Larry Siegel, there are a 6 reasons why burglars strike the same home twice:

1. Layout familiarity 
The burglar is familiar with your home’s layout and knows where valuables are kept. This is the same reason why, after breaking into one home, they’ll hit up a home nearby that seems to have a similar layout.  

2.The burglar knows you’ll replace expensive “essential” items
Items stolen are often “essentials” (DVD players, TVs, etc). So burglars assume you’ll quickly replace them—meaning they can steal them again.

3. Less effort
It takes less effort to rob a home that’s known to be a suitable target than an unknown or unsuitable one. 

4. Entrance and exit routes known
The burglar already knows the best ways to get into and out of your home.

5. Knows you’re lacking protective measures
Lack of protective measures and no nosey/intrusive neighbors made the first burglary a success. And those factors have probably not changed. 

6. Knows what other valuables you have—and where
Burglars most likely saw other valuables you have that they couldn’t take the first time and will attempt to take them on a second try.