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How to Upgrade Your Denver Burglar Alarm System

Denver burglar alarm

We all want to be the first to grab the latest technology on the market. And when it comes to the things that are most important to us, that desire grows even greater. That’s why it’s so important to consider upgrading your Denver burglar alarm system.


Believe it or not, home alarm systems are not a new invention—they’ve been in use for over 150 years! But, of course, we are not still using the same alarm systems our forefathers depended upon. As technology has grown, so too has our ability to keep our families and homes secure.


Here are some upgrades you may want to consider making to your existing alarm system.


Cellular Connectivity

Phone lines are an outmoded technology, so if your security system is dependent on landlines it’s time for a change. Fortunately, it is possible to take an existing Denver burglar alarm system and switch it over to cellular connectivity. Doing so will increase the reliability of your system, ensuring that emergency services are reached when they’re needed. It will also give you fast connection speeds, so if something should happen, the response will be prompt. In the event of a home burglary, that’s just what you need to help you rest easy. Another Technology Sunset is on the way so be ready to upgrade your Cellular device. Just after the recent 2G sunset the 3G sunset in the US may not be too far behind. For device manufacturers with existing devices, the impacts of these moves are less immediate but still very relevant. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that it will cease to support 3G devices and CDMA  devices on its network by the end of 2020.


Smart Home Technology 

Even if your alarm system is already relatively advanced, you may be able to enhance it with smart home technology. You could control your system’s arming and disarming from your smartphone—even use it to connect to cameras that provide a view of your house. While some older alarm systems are not able to incorporate this new technology, there is a possibility that yours can, so talk to your provider and see what’s available.  


Your friends at Max Security Denver are here to help you make the most of your home security. Get in touch with us today and we guarantee you’ll rest easier tonight.