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Should I Use a Security Company?

Home security is a big deal, especially for Denver and Colorado residents. Since 2016, there has been an increase of reported break-ins or attempted break-ins in both homes and cars. Because of this unfortunate spike in crime in the Denver area, it’s very important that everyone has a great security system in their home, both for the protection of their belongings but also to keep you and your family safe from harm. 

There are a few different ways you go about this. The recommended method for ensuring you have the best safety measures properly installed and optimized for home protection is by using a security company. They offer many services, but the biggest benefit that can be offered by using a security company in Denver, Colorado is their ability to help you select, install, and monitor the chosen security alarms and systems for your home. 

Benefits Of A Security Company 

When you choose to allow the professionals to handle your home security, you’re giving yourself the peace of mind that every precaution will be taken and your systems are in good working condition. You will also l have the protection from them and their monitoring systems. There are many great uses to utilize these premium services, but here are the 4 biggest benefits you and your family can expect to get in return for using a security company. 

1. Customized alarms 

Of course, the biggest concern when you’re thinking about your home security measures are the burglar alarms and their reliability. Companies can provide every client with personalized devices and set-ups that are best for their home, not just a generalized product you put up yourself.

2. Additional sensors

A fully efficient home security system should also have environmental monitors to gauge water levels and sense fire. These sensors should always include a carbon monoxide detector, too, to keep your family safe from silent threats. 

3. Specialized monitoring systems 

It’s hard to find the best devices for security unless you use a company to source them to you. Cellular monitoring is a very important feature to have included in your technology, so choose a company that can provide this aspect to your security system. 

4. Advanced security technology 

Finally, security companies are always on top of the latest trends, advancements, updates, and issues that are involved with the industry. You’ll know you’re getting the most efficient technology and for a good price, plus you’ll have the added benefit of being able to talk to real people about any questions or concerns you have. 

Should I Use A Security Company? 

If you want the best level of safety installed in your home to keep you and your family safe from all angles, including that of an environmental nature, you’ll want to hire a security company to do this job for you. Finding a company with plenty of experience is key to ensuring that you hire someone reputable and reliable in positive ways. Look for companies who have 2 decades of positive experiences with clients, like Max Security does.


Security Systems vs Burglar Alarms

When you think about the security measures you take for your home, what first comes to mind? For many, we picture an alarm to alert us of intruders and send out a signal for help. While this is a very important aspect of home security, the threat really goes much deeper. Security technology has advanced in such a way that security as a general industry has become massive, offering several options and possibilities to those hoping to get improved home protection.

A Denver burglar alarm will help protect you in the event of a break-in, but it’s not quite as efficient as a security system. If you thought these were both the same thing, don’t worry! You’re not alone, but you are mistaken. A security system is much more advanced than a burglar alarm, and it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of your options before making a final decision on your method of home security.

What A Security System Offers

Ultimately, a security system for your home offers more protection and peace of mind when it comes to your safety, and that of your family. Going through a security company will help you get the best devices, an optimal layout, and the perfect amount of additional monitors and sensors to get a full-coverage security system in place. This will protect both against outside predators, and the silent threats within your own house. Let’s look into what all a security system can include.

Professional Evaluation

In most cases, if you go through a security company, they will send an expert out to evaluate your home and give recommendations on the best devices and services to get. They’ll discuss with you the biggest risks, and how to avoid them, as well as talk you through the process.

Wireless & Advanced Security Technology

Security systems are much more than just an alarm that goes off when a door is opened and triggers the sensor. Your devices will be optimized with cutting edge technology designed to be quicker, more reliable, and have more uses.

Cellular Monitoring

If you want to have the best security possible, you need cellular monitoring. This means the signals sent by your security system go through cell phone data, like with cell towers, instead of the traditional route. It’s far more reliable and extremely fast.

Video Surveillance

Unless you want to pay a lot of money, finding a DIY home video surveillance kit that is comprehensive is tough. Video monitoring and recording is a priority for many homes and businesses, so you want a complete security system that can support this level of observation and recording.

Environmental Sensors

From temperate to water levels to carbon monoxide detectors, you need more than just a burglar alarm in your home. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to identity problems and solve them easily. In some cases, like with carbon monoxide poisoning, the results could be fatal.

The best part of a security system vs a burglar alarm? It’s all wired and hooked up together as a unit, which makes monitoring easier on you.

How Do I Use Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

Most of us have alarm systems for security installed in our homes, our jobs, and maybe our cars, too. We rely on these alarm systems to keep us safe, and when tragedy happens, we’re grateful to have had these alarms in place to help us.

But are you getting the most efficient use out of your alarm systems? Using cellular alarm monitoring is the best, most efficient way to keep tabs on all of your belongings and property, and be alerted ASAP if something were to go wrong.

What Is Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

We are a busy bunch, us citizens these days. Always on the go, and always connected to our electronics. In a world of instant gratification, it makes sense that most of us spend a good portion of the day with a cellular device in hand, which is why cellular alarm monitoring has become such an essential game-changer.

Unlike its name, cellular alarm monitoring doesn’t have anything to do with your cell phone, but instead how information is transmitted from your alarm system. This type of alarm monitoring uses data, much like your cellphone does for text and web browsing, to send messages.

How Does Cellular Alarm Monitoring Work?

Cellular communicators on a 3G or 4G network can be used to sync up with your alarm systems and turn your alarm system’s transmission signal into one that is sent over cellular lines. This is beneficial because compared to the traditional route, which uses phone wires for its communication, you don’t rely on the accountability of those wires.

The module that is used for cellular alarm monitoring is entirely wireless and it can communicate much quicker, and much more reliably. Cell Phone towers are used to send signals to you and the alarm center whenever an alarm is triggered.

Why Is Cellular Alarm Monitoring Important?

Aside from being both faster and more reliable, cellular alarm monitoring is a really essential feature to have in your system for many reasons. Here are a few great reasons why more and more people are getting security systems with cellular alarm monitoring.

Easy To Set Up & Use

No wires, no fuss! Since the module is entirely wireless, there is no need to worry about complicated installations, or having to drill holes for tons of wiring, or having to hook anything up to your landline. Instead, it’s all a very streamlined installation process.

Cellular alarm monitoring home security systems are most often found in versions that offer a Do It At Home installation process since the lack of wiring expertise significantly reduces the complications.

Improved Remote Access

In the control panel where your cellular module is located, there are tons of modern technology used to improve the system’s ability to communicate with the world outside of its little box. When you use your companion app to change anything, check-in or do something with the system, you’ll have much better chances of being successful… even from a distance.

Do I need an alarm specialist in Denver?

When you think of a home alarm system, what do you first picture? A security system, maybe cameras, some environmental safety sensors, and maybe a big bill. Alarm systems are a necessary cost to maintain your safety, but many people make the mistake of trying to cut costs in areas they shouldn’t.

One of the biggest mistakes made by Denver residents are opting out of alarm specialist services and instead choosing to figure out the whole thing on their own. An alarm specialist in Denver can help you get the right systems for the best price, and handle the installation process with ease, while also providing you valuable insight into the way your system works.

Want to learn more about what an alarm specialist is and how their services can benefit you?

What Is An Alarm Specialist?

This term refers to a company with a team of experts that are experienced and well-versed in the industry of home alarm and security systems. They’ll have all the information about the systems you need, how to properly install it, and what special services you’ll need for optimal efficiency with your system.

What They Provide To Denver Residents

These specialists will have the ability to perfectly install and understand your alarm systems, as well as recommend premium placement, monitoring options, and more for your buck. They will be of great help for the duration of your alarm system’s life, including maintenance or repairs. Having a specialist you can call with any concerns or questions will also help ease any confusion or misunderstanding and concerns about your alarm system.

Another great reason to use a specialist for your alarm system and go through a trusted company with an expertise in security is for the valuable education they can provide to you regarding what your home or business needs for total security. Many times, environmental alarms are overlooked and forgotten, or you end up paying far more than their actual cost.

You can avoid these issues by going through a professional, so it’s always recommended to do so.

Alarm Specialists VS Doing It Yourself

In addition to the many ways mentioned already regarding the usefulness of alarm specialists, you can compare the amount of effort required of you for both processes. Here are a few of the biggest differences between using an expert company and trying to do the project on your own:

  • Lots of research and investigation is required to find the right product for you A specialist company would be able to do that easily.
  • You risk damaging or incorrectly installing your alarm system, which could render it useless if something was done wrong. Alarm specialists already know how to install systems perfectly.
  • You will have less access to special, helpful services that are available through professional alarm companies.

The newest, modern technology is usually found in premium equipment, but you’ll have to pay a lot more to obtain them on your own without the help of a specialist.

What Happens After Your Home Alarm is Triggered?

We know that home security systems are designed to protect us from intruders… but how does it all work? Understanding the process of communication from your home, the security company, and the proper authorities will get you closer to a decision regarding your choices for home security, and allow you to use your system smartly.

After The Alarm Is Triggered

An entire timeline of events, all connected and happening in a cresending order like a tumbling row of dominos, begins from the first moment your alarm is triggered. Denver Burglar alarm systems don’t all work the same, but the communication process is pretty similar from brand to brand.

Phase One

Initially, a time delay countdown will begin on your alarm system, allowing you to have the time to put your code into the security system to disarm it. If this doesn’t happen, the security providers will be contacted and transferred to your personal phone.

During this step, you can confirm the status of the triggered alarm. By talking with your security provider, you can be informed about any instances where the alarm was triggered. The first step in handling a triggered home alarm is by communicating with the security provider.

Phase Two

Next, the police will be contacted. Sometimes this happens at the same time as your communication with the provider. Other times, it will happen first, especially in the instance that you have video monitoring. You can choose to have that streamed to the local police, so they can be sent within moments of the alarm being triggered.

Once the police are contacted, a few patrol squads will be sent to investigate the intrusion. It’s always best to be there when this happens, to answer questions, give a statement, or explain the mistake, if it was a false alarm.

Phase Three

The final step is all about how you handle the situation. Gather evidence, such as saving the recorded video monitoring streams, logs of the break-in, and information from your security provider. Once you can process all of this and hand it off to the authorities, the sooner the issue can be resolved.

You can handle the rest of the incident like you would with any other crime committed against you. Alerting insurance agencies if you have renters or home insurance, loss prevention experts for your company, and lawyers to help get to the bottom of it.

Things To Consider

The variables in the communication process after a triggered home alarm alert is what will sway your decision on a home alarm system. A few things to consider:

  • How fast will the alarm reach the police?
  • How frequent is the potential for false alarms?
  • How long are the video monitoring feeds saved?
  • How fast is police response time?
  • How does the security provider handle false alarms?
  • What measures are in place to help prevent false alarms?

These important bits of information will impact your security and the way you react to triggered alarms.

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