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Things to Know

1 Make your house look occupied
at all times.

Use automated schedules to switch lights
on and off when you’re not at home.
2 light up entrances.
If the outside entrances to your home are
dark, install lighting With an Infrared detector or
simply add them to your automation schedule.
3 Use deadbolt locks.
Install 1-inch throw deadbolt locks on your front
and back doors. A spring-latch lock is easy
prey for burglars who are experts at ‘Jimmying”
a door open with a plastic card.
4 Install pin locks on windows.
Factory window latches are-no match for
a burglar with a pry bar. You can install an
inexpensive pin in just a few minutes. Drill a
hole to lock the window closed, and a second
hole a few inches up to lock the window partly
open for ventilation.
5 Keep all doors and windows locked when no one is home.
A simple measure-even if you’re just running
a Quick errand-but one that is often ignored. If
you leave a window open for ventilation, insert
pins or dowels in the tracks to prevent burglars
from opening it more.
6 Conceal your home alarm wiring.
Burglars often look for wiring around the
exterior of a house and can cut it to disable an
alarm system. In most cases, we recommend
wireless systems, but if yours is hardwired,
painting the wires is one way to camouflage
7 Remove trees or shrubs near access points.
Consider removing trees or shrubbery located
near your windows. They serve as convenient
hiding places for intruders.
8 Keep your spare key with a friend or neighbor.
Leave a spare key with a trusted friend!
neighbor, instead of in your mailbox, a flower
pot, or under a doormat-the first places
thieves will look.
9 Invest in a sturdy safe.
Safes can protect small, expensive items
against thieves. Be sure to fasten your safe
to the floor or wall. Safes go up in price for
options such as fire protection and digital
fingerprint-reading systems. Install an asset
protection sensor, so you’ll know if anyone is
even trying to mess with it.
10 Get a free onsite security review
from MAX Security.

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Max Security supports our business in Denver

Max Security supports our business in Denver as well as our new home and we've been well-pleased with the service. Not only are Tom and Cynthia some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, it is so awesome to have personalized care for your security needs. Considering their track record with some of the higher-end homes and businesses in Colorado you can't go wrong. - Brian S

Great Experience!

I recently referred the team over at MAX Security to a large client of mine and I have to say they hit it out of the park. There is nothing better than getting a call from a customer thanking you for sending them a solid referral. In this particular case, my client had gone through 2 previous security companies and had had nothing but problems and sub-par customer service. After working with Tom & Cynthia at MAX Security, the felt so much better about their experience that the had to call to thank me for getting them connected. Thanks everyone at MAX Security for such good taking care my customers! - Kaler H

Max Security Denver

Max Security is an exceptional company. They are a great small business and provide quality personal service. The company was highly recommended to us by several neighbors in our new neighborhood. We were happy with them from day one. The owners provided a great product, a reasonable estimate for installation, and a great rate on the monitoring service. I had used ADT for years prior and had never been happy with their contracts and up-selling. Max Security is the exact opposite! With owners like Tom and Cynthia it makes it very easy to support a great local business! - Christopher G 

Max Security is an exceptional home and business security company

operating with cutting - edge technology and personnel.  They are true experts in their industry.  I am continually impressed with their knowledge of products, attention to detail and their excellent customer service. - Sherry M.  

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