Environmental Sensors

Protect Your Home Beyond Intrusion With Our Advanced Environmental Sensors

Experience comprehensive home protection with our top-tier environmental sensors. Our cutting-edge sensors offer an extra layer of security, guarding your home against unexpected disasters beyond traditional intrusion detection.

Water Sensors: Preventing Costly Damage

It’s amazing how much damage can be caused from a leaking pipe, a broken pipe, or a hot water heater that burst. Our environmental sensors are adept at early detection of water, promptly alerting our central monitoring station to mitigate any potential water-related issues before they escalate.

Temperature Sensors: Intelligent Climate Monitoring

Living in Colorado, you’re aware of how drastic temperature fluctuations can pose a threat to your home. Our environmental sensors act as early warning systems, alerting our central monitoring station at the first sign of freezing temperatures or potential heat hazards, protecting against frozen pipes or power outages.

Our temperature sensors are finely tuned to recognize abrupt shifts in temperature, ensuring timely warnings. By promptly notifying our monitoring center about drastic climate changes, our sensors enable proactive measures to prevent potential hazards.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Silent Threat Detection

Protect your loved ones from the silent danger of carbon monoxide with our environmental sensors. Our monitored CO2 detectors swiftly detect this odorless gas, triggering audible alarms and immediate dispatches to the fire department, ensuring rapid response in case of any carbon monoxide threat.

Carbon monoxide, often referred to as the silent killer, poses significant health risks when undetected. Our advanced CO detectors continuously monitor air quality and detect even the slightest traces of this deadly gas.

Need Environmental Sensors for Your Property?

Get in touch with our experts at Max Security today and explore how our environmental sensors can offer substantial long-term savings while fortifying your property’s safety measures.

Take the proactive step towards disaster-proofing your property!

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